Fantasy Sports Live

I ran across this site the other day and figured I'd share. Basically the site allows you to enter daily contests on various sporting events by picking a fantasy team for that day. For me it adds a little bit more fun (and screaming) for the Sunday games. If you want to check it out the link is: Using this link or the Bonus code '4th&Goal' will get you a little extra initial deposit bonus if you sign up too.

Year 1 Draft Spreadsheet

Someone asked me to put up this years draft spreadsheet. So here it is:

And off we roll...

I've been working hard on the site, but still have a decent amount to do. Check out the right side menus for the latest updates. I plan on getting the Player List and the Team List pages up next. If you have any suggestions for page content, let me know.



I'll be using this front page for updates in sort of a blog like fashion. So keep your eyes open for updates here.